Questions & Problems

Not Blossoming Well:

  • Check shade and sun conditions. You may need to move the plants or cut some branches of the trees that are shading the plants. The plants need at least 6 hours of sun a day and the time of day of the sun affects the blooming.
  • Too Much Fertilizer. The plants may be getting burned, or perhaps they are growing too fast to bloom well. Very lush foliage but few blooms indicates that the plants may be too well fed.
  • Plants set too deep or sunk into the soil. Raise the plants and reset.
  • Heavy seed production. Allowing the seed pods to stay on the plants will weaken them for the next growing season.
  • Plants are overgrown and need to be divided. Dig up, divide plants and replant.
  • Plants are too small. Give them a bit more fertilizer and another year.
  • Roots are dry. Increase the mulch and watering.

Not Growing Well:

  • Plants are set too deep or not deep enough. Dig up the plants and reset.
  • Plants are overcrowded. Divide and move.
  • Weed or grass competition. Weed or mulch.
  • Need additional nutrients. Use a mild fertilizer.


Erratic Growth, Cracked Stem, or Discolored Foliage

  • Too much nitrogen or over watered.