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Smith Daylilies: Over 100 types of Daylilies, delivered to your house.

about smith

about-01.gif (2153 bytes) smith daylilies is Gerald and Kristin Smith
We are retired teachers of Mathematics, not botanists or horticulturists. We live in the country and have land available to produce agricultural products.

We enjoy growing and selling Daylilies because we love their beauty and variety.


The knowledge that we have about Daylilies has been acquired through research, reading, asking and observing. We continue to learn every day with each catalog, article, and book that we explore.

We do the work of planting, cultivating, hoeing, weeding, digging, potting, shipping, splitting, transplanting, mapping, labeling, record keeping, and picture taking ourselves.


All of our daylilies are field grown and hardy. We are located in Chelsea, Michigan, just west of Ann Arbor in an area of the state that was glaciated, so our soil is a mix of gravel, clay and rocks. The fields of Southeastern Michigan have been farmed for 150 years or more and are well-tilled and fertile. We use commercial fertilizers and eco- friendly sprays only when necessary.
We do not sell plants that we have not observed in bloom. It is a hazard of the industry to receive mislabeled plants or plants that are mixed together. Therefore, we wait until the plants are hardy and blooming and we are certain of their identity before we sell them. We will sell the Unknowns at a reduced rate because they are beautiful and useful.


Our fields are State Inspected and we ship Double Fans with hardy root systems.

We guarantee that they are healthy, freshly dug and true to name.


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